The newly established firm Heisman Nunes & Hull LLP opened its doors May 6.
The new firm is the endeavor of New York Super Lawyers Lewis J. Heisman, Paul V. Nunes and Ronald G. Hull, who recently left Underberg & Kessler LLP where they practiced law collectively for over 70 years.
“The legal market is in great flux,” said Heisman. “Clients want value as well as expertise when they choose their legal counsel. By using advanced technology and cutting unnecessary overhead, we believe we can serve our clients better and for a lower cost.”
HNH has also secured the backing of multi-state litigation Pillinger, Miller & Tarallo LLP, which will add improvement, insurance defense, environmental and litigation on select cases. This allows Heisman, Nunes and Hull to invest all their time in cases, both big and small.
“The three of us have collaborated for years,” said Hull. “It’s exciting to solidify our working relationships to form this new firm.”
Each partner at HNH has a proven track record of success, but they’ve also made time to invest in the community. Heisman is a family law practitioner for Upstate New York, having successfully handled complex divorces, child custody and spousal maintenance cases. He is known for championing Collaborative Law, a non-adversarial process which can reduce stress and expenses for his clients.
Lew is also active as outgoing president of the board of directors of the Seneca Waterways Council, board member for the Fairport Perinton Partnership for a Better Community, former president and member of the Fairport Rotary Club and a recipient of the Boy Scouts’ prestigious Silver Beaver award.
Nunes’ diverse practice encompasses insurance defense, trusts and estates litigation, business litigation, intellectual property defense and select personal injury cases (notably food-borne illness cases). Among his more known successes are his representation of the country of Australia in Rochester’s Fast Ferry litigation and the class action suit against the state of New York after residents were exposed to parasites at the Seneca Lake Water Park. His legal acumen was honed as an associate at the Wall Street firm, Thacher Proffitt & Wood, but Nunes has been a Rochester legal dynamo for over 30 years. He was awarded the Empire State Counsel Award for his pro bono work.
Hull is one of the more broadly experienced environmental law and toxic tort lawyers in the region. His expertise ranges from state and federal Superfund litigation, Brownfields redevelopment and environmental remediation, hazardous waste management and environmental impact reviews. He is also known for his work in asbestos and lead paint exposure cases. As a former law clerk to federal and state (Appellate Division) Judges, Hull has developed appellate practice.
“We are excited and raring to go,” said Nunes.