Based on the total effective tax rate, Irondequoit is the highest taxed town in Monroe County.
As an Irondequoit resident, I am concerned that our elected officials are doing very little about it. So, I’ll take the initiative and make four proposals to lighten our tax burden.
According to U.S.Census Bureau, Irondequoit’s population declined from 52,354 (in 2000) to 50,890 (2017 est.), a 2.9% decrease. With a declining population, we must examine the necessity of operating 16 public schools. Fewer students equate to fewer schools. With fewer schools you have smaller school budgets therefore a lower tax levy.
In order to stabilize property assessment and avoid the volatility of a general town assessment, consider another method of accessing town property. Determine the assessment on two factors: when the house is sold and on its purchase price. Upon a successful closing, the negotiated purchase price becomes the property’s new tax assessment and the assessment will remain fixed until the property exchanges hands. Unless you resell or personally apply for reassessment, your property assessment won’t change. This method will negate the need for a full town assessment.
To promote home ownership and help seniors retain ownership of their homes, offer a longevity credit of 25%. This credit applies to residents who have owned and lived on their property for 30 or more years. Also, increase the credit 2% thereafter.
Consolidate the East and West Irondequoit Central School Districts.
Here I will briefly highlight the benefits of unifying the East and West Irondequoit School district administrations into one identity:
• Reduce the number of administrator and support staff positions by half thereby substantially cutting payroll cost.
•Reduce overhead cost by maintaining only one administrative office site.
• Eliminate redundant processes and forms by operating under one office system.
• Provide the new school district the cost benefit of “economy of scale” when purchasing goods and services.
• Run the organization more efficiently with fewer managers and less expensively.
• Save the NYS taxpayer from future pension and benefit expenses.
• Accept NYS aid and incentives allocated toward consolidation.
• Offers the community the advantage of centralized service.
Remember: If no action is taken to repel the growth in taxes, taxes will increase year after year after year.
We must realize that the school property tax is a major contributor to the town’s overall tax growth.
For instance, East Irondequoit School District expenditures increased 68% during school years 2005 through 2018, from $53.2 million to 89.3 million.
What will the budget be this year? Is it time to vote yet?