Interesting observation — I find it frustrating to read such misguided assumptions. But if Mr. Dooley is not concerned with the facts of why this development is wrong — he is free to his opinion — right or wrong. The facts are clear — the town of Brighton has used incentive zoning to give special deals to this developer at the expense of every resident — costing us money.
Mr. Dooley is focusing on a non-issue. Brighton Grassroots has over 1,500 members who do not want to be taken advantage of by misleading decisions by the supervisor and Town Board.
If Mr. Dooley’s big issue is why is Howie Jacobson so determined to right size this project — so be it. Start reading the traffic study, start looking at the misleading decisions, start looking at the tax reassessment favors and look at why the
Incentive zoning deal does not add up! The town of Brighton is short $12 million in benefits. And $1 million in taxes.
Mr. Dooley, yes I lived in Canandaigua, and yes I have a friendship with Wegmans family. So what. I also have a Shoppers Club Card — what’s the problem? Full disclosure — I also know the Danielles.
P.S. Mr. Dooley: Do you live and pay taxes in Brighton?
Howie Jacobson