For those of you who have not been along for my journey of the streets of Greece to this point, let me provide a recap before I post my final entry.
Inspired by a fellow runner Dan Barletta, who has completed this journey twice and — I believe — is on his “third tour,” I embarked on my first run on Jan. 3, 2018, with the intent to finish the task by year end. The first street I finished was Barmont Drive North. In the beginning, most of my runs originated from my house, but as I began to complete the streets surrounding my neighborhood, I realized I would have to travel to nearby parking lots, shopping malls, apartment complexes, etc. in order to avoid running several miles each way to capture a couple of miles of streets.
By the end of April, I had finished 68 suburban assault runs, as I came to call them, covering 598 streets that represented 193 miles. Little did I know I was about 50% of the way towards my goal. My predecessor, although he highlighted the streets he completed on a map, did not track the actual mileage those finished roads represented. When I began highlighting my completed streets, I kept track of them in a spreadsheet and used a website called MapMyRun to determine the “official” distance for each road I finished.
It was during this same time frame that I knew something was not quite right physically — low stamina — and had a battery of tests only to ultimately discover I had five aneurysms, one in my abdomen, one at the top of each leg and one behind each knee. This led to a five-month sabbatical from running, successful surgery in October and a return to running in November.
I resumed my SARs in December and on April 30, finished all 1,021 streets representing 388 miles. My final run captured Owens Way, a short street adjacent to the Greece DPW, as well as one of my favorite running routes. I have included the map showing my route from Charlotte pier to the Town Hall campus where I finished in front of the library.
In summary, here are some facts/figures associated with my journey: 128 runs, 1,021 streets, 388 miles, Manitou Road is the longest road at 9.26 miles, Buttonwood Crossing is the shortest road at 0.02 miles.
Keep running, my friends, and enjoy the journey no matter the pace.
Bob Dyjak is director of the Race with Grace 10K and captain of the Bagel Bunch Running Group.