Visitors to the cafeteria at Village Elementary School in Hilton recently met the likes of George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Ruby Bridges and Sally Ride during Renee Robinson’s second grade class Wax Museum.
Preparations started two months ago when students were working on a nonfiction unit in which they learned about text features.
“I take the project several steps further in that I have the students conduct research, learn note-taking skills, use the computers to find information, etc.,” Robinson said.
Then, students complete a research packet at school and a poster at home that includes pictures, fun facts and a timeline. Each student dresses the part of the person they researched and presents a speech with factual information about them.
“They could choose whomever they wanted to research,” Robinson said. “I believe the people they chose really reflect who they are as a person.”
Aiden Pink chose to portray Abraham Lincoln.
“He is the 16th president and made slavery done with,” he said.
Ava Harding said she chose Ruby Bridges when she found a story about her and wanted to learn more.
“She was the first African American to attend an all-white school in the South,” she said.
Students wrote reflections about how they felt after their presentation, which helps Robinson grade their posters. She has been doing the project with her students for nine years.
“This is truly my favorite project of the school year,” Robinson said. “I am so happy with the time, dedication and effort that the students put into it.”