In the month of March 2019, the Bushnell’s Basin Fire Department responded to these 28 calls for assistance:
April 1: Gas leak on Route 490 Eastbound.
April 3: Automatic alarm on Ayrault Road.
April 4: Natural gas leak on Crescent Hill Road; natural gas leak on Eagle Lane; wood stove fire on Potter Place.
April 5: Emergency medical services on Red Barn Circle; report of something burning on Sachem Trail.
April 6: Automatic alarm on Manorshire Drive.
April 7: Fill in at Fishers Fire Station while they worked extended incident; motor vehicle accident on Fishers Road; working fire on West Church Street.
April 8: Stove issue on Wexford Glen.
April 9: Automatic alarm on Woolston Road.
April 14: Automatic alarm on Blackwatch Trail.
April 16: Automatic alarm on Cambric Circle; carbon monoxide incident on Briggsboro Lane; MVA with injuries on Kreag Road.
April 18: Assist resident locked out of house on Kreag Road.
April 19: Working fire on Whisperwood Drive; reported building fire on Pittsford-Palmyra Road.
April 20: Carbon monoxide incident on Harvest Road; automatic alarm on Park Road.
April 23: Automatic alarm on Cressier Court.
April 25: Smoke in the house on Royal View; automatic alarm on Pittsford-Palmyra Road.
April 27: Cooking fire on Swan Trail.
April 29: Motor vehicle accident with injuries on Route 490 Westbound; automatic alarm on Woolston Road.