Everything changes. Our body changes, or ideas change and so do our moods, or the moods of people we are close to, our finances and our life plan change. Even change itself changes.
In a universe where nothing stays the same, it is hard to find any stronghold that may offer us protection and security. The only way to survive consists in the art of adapting to events that continually take us by surprise. In the midst of changing conditions, if you stay fixed, you perish.
It is often wiser to accept the unexpected. If we don’t, we’re in trouble. Rarely, the outside world does not adapt to you. It is you who must adapt to what is happening moment to moment.
Change in our life can be unpleasant, even frightful. Adapting to the present reality means accepting frustrations.
Because flexible people accept what is, they are easier to be with.
Easygoing people are a blessing to be with.
My father passed away four years ago. He was an easygoing person. He sold automobiles so easily.
Customers wanted him to talk to them. His easygoing way sold the cars. Before they knew, they owned a car!
So, when life throws you a winger, take it in stride and try to adapt to the change. Make it easy on yourself.
Tom Turner, of Victor, is a freelance writer and real life advocate.