Girl Scouts of Western New York recently announced Alice Camaione, of Pittsford, as a 2019 Gold Award Girl Scout.
Camaione’s project was titled “LGBTQ+ Inclusion.”
“My Gold Award Project centered around educating others in my school in Rochester about the psychology behind prejudice, how this impacts the way we interact with other social groups, and more specifically, how these instances of prejudice and discrimination impact the LGBTQ-plus community, both within my school and nationally. To do this, I administered a survey to gauge the general attitude of students and faculty towards the LGBTQ-plus community, after which I gathered the data from a little over 200 responses and created a lesson plan to address these issues. I then presented this lesson to various classes, including health, speech and French, before creating a final presentation for the school administration, board members, teachers and community members. I hope this project impacts others in my school community to show that all types of diversity should be welcome, as well as ways they can reach out and support the LGBTQ-plus community in my school and the immediate Rochester area,” said Camaione. “Throughout my 14 years as a scout, Girl Scouts has provided a nurturing environment where I can develop my sense of self outside of societal pressures. Girl Scouts has always been a place where I can truly be myself without judgment, and I have gained the leadership skills necessary to pursue my goals.”
Camaione received her Gold Award at the Gold Award Ceremony on June 1.
The Gold Award requires a Girl Scout to identify an issue and investigate it to understand what can be done to address the problem. The girl then forms a team to act as a support system, including a project adviser close to the issue who is not a troop leader or family member, while she leads the project. The Girl Scout creates a plan to ensure they know what steps they must tackle while working on the project. The Girl Scout submits a proposal for her project to her local Girl Scout council. After acceptance, the girl begins to work through the steps of their plan utilizing the assistance of her support team where necessary. Lastly, the project is used to educate and inspire others about the cause they are addressing.
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