Girl Scouts of Western New York announced Elizabeth Fredette, of Fairport, as a 2019 Gold Award Girl Scout.
Fredette’s project was titled “Update of Potter Park.”
“Potter Park is a relatively popular meeting place for many groups in our town of Fairport, but due to the building’s historical status, we can’t hang anything on the walls. To fix this issue I made an easel which groups can write on as well as hang posters from. I also updated the first aid kit that was already at Potter, making sure to create a paper so that the Fairport Service Unit could keep the kit updated for the next five years. Finally, I took this whole process and created a video which I posted on YouTube so that other girls could update their own community centers,” said Fredette. “Girl Scouts has given me so many opportunities to give back to my community over the years. It has also helped me to meet many other girls and even given me the chance to see the impact of my influence on them. Girl Scouts has given me almost all of my strong female role models, including my troop leader who was also my mother, all of my fellow scouts’ mothers and all the women who helped run the Fairport Service Unit. I don’t think I would be as confident in myself as I am had I not been given the chance to be a Girl Scout. I’ve built a friendship with the scouts of my troop which I’m sure will extend well into our adult lives.”
Fredette received her Gold Award at the Gold Award Ceremony on June 1.
The Gold Award requires a Girl Scout to identify an issue and investigate it to understand what can be done to address the problem. The girl then forms a team to act as a support system, including a project adviser close to the issue who is not a troop leader or family member, while she leads the project. The Girl Scout creates a plan to ensure they know what steps they must tackle while working on the project. The Girl Scout submits a proposal for her project to her local Girl Scout council. After acceptance, the girl begins to work through the steps of their plan utilizing the assistance of her support team where necessary. Lastly, the project is used to educate and inspire others about the cause they are addressing.
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