Girl Scouts of Western New York recently announced Krystina Gierlach, of Fairport, as a 2019 Gold Award Girl Scout.
Gierlach’s project was titled “Mythbusters Campaign.”
“For my Gold Award project, I created a prize wheel displaying common misconceptions about organ donation. This wheel will be given to the Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network so they can take it to many events in order to spread the truth about organ donation. I chose this project because I think everyone should know the facts behind donation so they can make an informed decision about whether or not to become an organ donor. Too often, people only know what they’ve been told, which is usually something that’s not completely true. I’ve grown up around organ donation and I think everyone should have access to the truth behind donation, instead of only hearing the scary parts. My hope with this project is that young kids will want to spin the wheel and in the process learn about donation at a young age so they will grow up with that information, not any misconceptions,” said Gierlach. “Girl Scouts has given me a set of values and tons of community service experience. It has also given me friends that I will have for the rest of my life.”
Gierlach received her Gold Award at the Gold Award Ceremony on June 1.
The Gold Award project is the culmination of all the work a girl puts into “going for the Gold.” A Girl Scout’s project should be something that a girl can be passionate about — in thought, deed, and action that encompasses organizational, leadership, and networking skills. The project should also fulfill a need within a girl’s community (whether local or global) and create change that has the potential to be on-going or sustainable. About 80 hours of community service are involved in the project. Completion of the Gold Award also qualifies the Girl Scout for special scholarship opportunities and to enter the military a full rank higher than her peers.
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