In my role as a county legislator, I have been proud to continually support the children and families throughout our community. The issue of Preschool Special Education reimbursement rates has received a lot of attention in our community recently, and thanks to County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo and her administration, new contracts reflecting an across-the-board 15% increase for all Preschool Special Education reimbursement rates were approved by the Monroe County Legislature.
Myself, along with every one of my colleagues, voted in favor of adopting this crucial legislation.
Monroe County’s financial commitment to raise reimbursement rates of Preschool Special Education services ensures that providers receive the funding they deserve; this was the first time in a decade that these rates have increased.
Unlike Preschool Special Education services, the Early Intervention program’s rate structure is controlled entirely by New York State. Due to little action by the state to increase these rates, we have seen shortages of both direct service providers and service coordinators in Monroe County, as well as counties across New York. In order to ensure the fiscal solvency of the Early Intervention program, the New York State Legislature and Gov. Cuomo must match Monroe County’s 15% across-the-board increase to local Preschool Special Education rates by increasing the State-set reimbursement rates for Early Intervention by an equivalent 15%. Myself, along with County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo and my Republican colleagues, submitted a memorializing resolution urging New York State to match these rate increases.
Providing quality, affordable preschool special education services is an essential part of relieving the stress on providers and families. That being said, I was proud to vote in favor of contracts that raised the Preschool Special Education reimbursement rates by 15% across the board.
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