“Shared Spaces” — presented by the Nazareth College Department of Art — is showcasing work by more than 50 local high school art teachers and students in a variety of media, including sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, metals, ceramics and drawing.
The annual exhibit is designed to celebrate the unique apprenticeship process that occurs between teacher and student. Each teacher submits one piece of their own work that was created within the last three years, and selects one student to present their work side-by-side.
To honor the concept of gallery space being equal, the work is displayed without identifying whether it was created by a teacher or a student.
The following artists are featured in this year’s show and are listed by high school:
Allendale Columbia School: Lori Kimbrough Wun and Ava Gouvernet.
Aquinas Institute: Lorin Easton and Julia Pham.
Batavia High School: Mandi Antonucci and Will Palmer.
Brighton High School: Jed Kunz and Kelsey Anderson, and Katie Cole Maley and Vivian Rapp.
Brockport High School: Yvonne Casale and Sara Serrano-Zapatero, Mary Warth and Paige Newman, and Dan Benedict and Kylie Baker.
Caledonia-Mumford High School: Vicki McArdle and Jakob Larzelere.
Churchville-Chili Senior High School: Jonathan Woodard and Mekselina Maraslioglu.
East Rochester Junior-Senior High School: Rose Pleninger and Sorcha Lester.
Fairport High School: Elissa DeChick and Shion Burns, and Laurie Warnett and Anna Nguyen.
Geneseo: Rob Antonucci and Claire Halstead.
Geneva High School: Christine DeTurck and Natalie Berg-Pappert.
McQuaid Jesuit: Tom Galambos and Delancey Hobbs.
North Rose-Wolcott High School: Michelle Patterson and Dericc Doleman, Kelley Allen and Taylor Malchoff, and Mark Williams and Savanna Synesael.
Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women: Mary Pat O’Brien-Kiely and Chansocphentra Salcido, Kylie Dahlberg and Kailey Evanowsky, and Kevin Giaquinto and Fiona Connolly.
Penfield High School: David Weisbrod and Isabella Cole, Anna Sprague and Megan Cilano, Anne Punzi and Christina Corea, Luke Lorenzo and Megan Metildi, and Chris Pelletier and Christian French.
Pittsford Mendon High School: Beth Quattrociocchi and Ryan Glantz, Sarah Zakalik and Emily Lavoie, and Maribeth Curran and Evan Cunningham.
Pittsford Sutherland High School: Amanda Measer and Eric Linehan, Kat Cramer and Noah Bobrow, Amy Palermo and Vitaly Pronin, and Adam Gursslin and Mackenzie Sweet.
School of the Arts: Susan Rudy and Alexis Jones, Stephanie Lawson and Elyse Spencer, and Genine Glavich-Hawkins and Yoluixamar Cruz-Vazquez.
Spencerport High School: Stephanie Prevosti and Ashley Herbert.
The Harley School: Lyn Parsons and Elsa Stern.
Victor Senior High School: Dave Denner and Hanna Gefell, Christie Gordon and Dana Vouros, Shawn Duckworth and Kylie Gilbert, Alyssa Viggiani and Sarah Urban, Andy Reddout and Shawn Turner, and Marysue Hartz-Holtz and Grace Meise.
Webster Thomas High School: Todd Stahl and Jack Vuillequez.
Wheatland-Chili High School: Valerie Savage and Tyler Goff.
Some works are available for sale. The exhibit runs through June 14 in the Arts Center Gallery at Nazareth College, 4245 East Ave., Rochester. Visit bit.ly/2YG9PWy for information.