$62,000 or $8,000? That's the difference of opinion over the value of jewelry that a 75-year-old cleaning lady swiped from an affluent Canandaigua home.

CANANDAIGUA — During a restitution hearing, an affluent Canandaigua woman testified to the value of the jewelry stolen by her cleaning lady, who claimed she needed the money for her daughter's funeral expenses.

The dollar value the victim gave in court, however, is significantly larger than the figure she told police last year.

On Tuesday in Ontario County Court, Judge Brian Dennis heard arguments regarding the value of jewelry stolen and pawned by Mary Boyd, 75, who swiped a pair of earrings, necklace and diamond engagement ring from her former employer of two decades.

"For over 20 years she was our cleaning lady — to say at least, she was a valued member of our extended family,” said the victim during her victim impact statement. ”The jewelry she stole had extensive sentimental value.”

The victim stated that if full restitution was made, she felt that jail time would not be appropriate sentence.

The debate over what the exact value is remains to be seen and will be decided by Dennis.

After stealing the jewelry out of the closet of the home, Boyd took the jewelry to Ridge Coin & Gold Exchange and, according to the store manager ,pawned the items for $5,000.

The victim of the crime had a $62,750 estimate from a local jeweler, based upon photographs of the items. Boyd has already paid $7,000 in restitution.

“I know she has the money because she got a $150,000 life insurance policy from her daughter’s death,” the crime victim testified.

In December 2018 Boyd pleaded guilty to stealing and pawning the jewelry, in exchange for eight weekends in jail and five years of probation, plus restitution.

In October 2018 the victim had signed a statement with police stating that the total amount of stolen property was approximately $8,000.

“I was very upset when I signed that document.” said the victim during cross-examination by Mollie Dapolito of the Ontario County Public Defender's Office.

The restitution hearing is still ongoing, and the matter was adjourned.