The creations of flower arrangers, horticulturists and photographers from throughout New York state will be on display in Rochester on June 20-21 when Allyn’s Creek Garden Club and Rochester Garden Club present the competitive flower show themed “Ripple Effect” at the Strathallan’s Century Club, 566 East Ave., Rochester.
The show is open to the public from 2 to 5 p.m. on June 20 and from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. on June 21. Admission is free.
One of the main purposes of the show is to educate visitors about horticulture, flower arranging, photography and conservation. Participants will interpret the theme throughout the displays. The show will feature six competitive flower arrangement classes, more than 40 horticulture classes and six photography classes. Exhibitions will be judged and awards presented June 20.
GCA flower shows are known for their floral designs and avant-garde use of flowers. Entries are anticipated from the 23 GCA clubs in Zone III, New York State and as from as far as East Hampton and Lake Placid. The show will be judged by GCA-accredited judges from GCA clubs throughout the state.
Co-chairs for the flower show are Allyn’s Creek Garden Club member Ann Brewster and Rochester Garden Club Roberta DuBeshter.
“We are delighted to bring beautiful and inspiring work by talented GCA members to Rochester,” said Brewster.
DuBeshter, who is also a flower arranger and GCA judge for flower arranging, is aware of the commitment and creativity that GCA members bring to the competition.
“Flower shows provide a unique way to honor and celebrate the natural world and all its beauty,” said DuBeshter. “They are truly a labor of love.”
A boutique featuring items for sale, including jewelry, art, and fine crafts is also open during public hours.