Webster Neighbors,
As the endorsed Democrat candidate for Webster town supervisor, before I ask for your vote, Webster citizens deserve to know more about me. Though I’ve been involved in our community in countless ways (usually in support roles for my children’s schools, activities, sports, etc.)…until now I’ve essentially kept a low profile in local politics. So why suddenly am I the Democrat candidate and what do I hope to bring to the supervisor’s position?
In 1995, I started a mortgage finance business. In 1997, my wife, Molly, and I moved into our Webster home. During this time, we have raised our seven children in this wonderful community described, not just in a slogan, to be where life is really worth living. As my family grew, my business did as well. When I retired from that career last December, we were licensed and doing business here and in 15 states and over the years employed hundreds of people. This Webster community has been a wonderful place to live, to grow both family and career and we have benefited much here.
Now I believe that it’s time to give back and hopefully bring to government some of the experience gained and lessons learned for the benefit of my home town.
I know what it is to make hard decisions that ensure every dollar is wisely spent, productive and accomplishes its purpose. I know living within a carefully planned budget is essential to progress, and I know that managing, facilitating and caring for the individuals working in an organization requires a steady hand and a clear vision. I know that listening to, is more important than talking at, others. I have learned much operating my own business, and as a father in a large household. I believe with all my being those same lessons apply in Webster town government. It’s because of that belief and my genuine appreciation for what this town has meant to our family, that I offer myself in not just a political race, but to public service.
When I was approached by the Webster Democrat Committee to consider running, I did consider and said yes.
I have spent the past weeks canvassing the houses of my fellow Webster residents, and I am truly enjoying getting the opportunity to meet so many of you. I am committed to listening to the issues with which all of you are most concerned, rationally assessing them and formulating a plan to address them. I don’t pretend to have all the answers yet.
It will be through collaborative efforts that we create a long-term success plan for the future for our great town.
I hope this gives you a better understanding of me and my candidacy. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to call me at (585) 857-1399. I truly want to hear from you! You can also visit my website, electtomflaherty.com, to find out more about me.
It is imperative that all Webster voters eligible get out to vote in the June 25 primary! It is much earlier this year than others so please don’t miss out on the opportunity to vote for the candidate that best represents your party. At this primary and then in the general election in November, I ask with both confidence and humility for your vote as Webster Town Supervisor.