The biggest obstacle to progress is settling for a status quo that simply isn’t good enough.
Over the past several years, I have been very much impressed with our town’s commitment to investing in that which enhances the quality of life in our community. We’ve seen a new library unite our town in ways we never dreamt, athletic fields built and significant growth in our town’s Recreation Department.
A new proposed community center at the former Irondequoit Mall builds off this momentum. I applaud Supervisor Seeley and his team for putting forth a proposal that continues to invest in our community while being mindful of the property taxpayer’s pockets. For about $18 a year to the average taxpayer, we can construct a modern facility that puts us on par with our neighboring communities and provide a safe recreational space for our town’s youth, seniors and families to use.
I recall watching our town debate the merits of investing in a new library in 2014 and the fear that we couldn’t afford this amenity. Six years later, the tax rate is 47 cents lower than it was prior to building this treasure. Yes! We can have nice things!
The July 30 referendum is an opportunity for Irondequoit to say “yes” to progress and demonstrate to the rest of Monroe County that we are a community on the move.