Webster Central School District’s DeWitt Road Elementary School fifth graders have formed a student-led group called Club Impact.
The club’s goal is to make a difference in the community by learning, researching and implementing a plan of action to promote positive change.
“We like Club Impact because we like how we change others’ lives, make people happier, make a difference and learn about our community,” said fifth grader Jolie O’Brien. “Putting a smile on other people’s faces makes me smile and at the end of the day and I know I’ve made a difference.”
The club’s students have written and self-published a book of quotes, jokes, and puns. They have given 100 copies of the books to area locations to help bring a smile to the face of anyone who picks up a copy. Before deciding on their project, students learned about community issues through research and listening to several guest speakers. One common concern they heard was all people go through difficult times.
After completing their research and discussing as a group, club members decided to write a book, have it published and donate it to a hospital, community shelter and an assisted living center.
“Completing this project would not have happened without the support of our PTSA,” said Rob DeRose, DeWitt Road Elementary School’s assistant principal, “They funded the printing and shipping of our books after hearing the students’ proposal during their monthly evening PTSA meeting.”
The group dropped off their books to Baywinde Senior Living Center, Hope Ministries and Golisano Children’s Hospital during the week of June 10.
“I’m impressed by the thoughtfulness that went into the project,” said Robin Lacagnina, children’s librarian at Golisano Children’s Hospital, “and their plan to help others through the power of positivity.”
Webster teacher Jenn Berrigan supervised the student-led club.
“These kids amaze me each day. They have energy, desire and determination,” said Berrigan. “The students are passionate about making the world a better place and Mr. DeRose and I are just guiding them to take action on their ideas.”