The new Auto Alert program enables Ford dealers to monitor, manage and improve their relationships with customers by keeping in touch throughout their vehicle ownership.
Henderson Ford, 810 Ridge Road, Webster, is taking advantage of the program to ensure their customers’ vehicle needs are met.
“The Auto Alert program is a valuable tool for customers, service and sales support. It gives the dealership the ability to have an on-going relationship with the consumer, through maintaining records of past buying and use practices, while matching important real-time information and opportunities to best meet customer needs. The program allows for a smooth communication process for assisting customers through informed and available personnel within the dealership,” said Henderson Ford Sales Consultant Brian Henderson.
The Auto Alert program creates direct opportunities for customer and dealership interactions. It gives notifications on mileage use which in turn prompts dealership employees to notify leasing customers — avoiding penalties, identifies opportunities to offer relevant incentives, suggests shopping options and keeps a history of past and present vehicle preferences.
“This automotive-intelligence software prepares dealership personnel to meet customer needs. We can take a look at the customer history and give the best buying, leasing and service advice based on personal profiles,” said Henderson Ford President Randy Henderson.