It was unfortunate and disturbing to read in the Irondequoit Post (March 7 page A7, andvalso in a later edition), that a series of negative circumstances occurred in the town of Irondequoit while Adam Bello, the current Monroe county clerk, was supervisor of the town of Irondequoit.
Briefly, these circumstances involved a false statement about building a new library, an assault on property rights involving a town veteran, a violation of the State Freedom of Information Law involving Zombie Houses, and not enforcing property code violations until informed by a citizen’s group to do so.
In his current position as county clerk, at one time, there was a failure on his part to protect confidential information relating to employee records that had been thrown in the trash and not shredded.
Some of these circumstances cost the town money in legal fees — $33,600 for ignoring the NYS Freedom of Information Law, and $67,000 in legal fees toward settlement of the assault on property rights case.
What a waste of taxpayer money, especially when the town of Irondequoit is home to a large number of senior citizens who need to monitor their finances carefully, especially when taxes are due.
Should public officials be made to take financial responsibility for carelessness on the job?