Preschoolers at the Volunteers of America Children’s Center finished the school year by learning all about the weather.
Students recorded the weather every day and graphed the results, read stories focused on the weather, and created sensory bottles with water bottles and craft materials to simulate weather events. One classroom, however, went even further to teach the children.
“Our kids like to play pretend and they enjoy seeing themselves in pictures, so we decided to turn them into weather forecasters,” said Marissa King, lead teacher at Classroom 8.
King brought suit jackets, blazers and ties for students to wear as they took turns standing in front of a green screen with a homemade microphone and described various weather patterns to their classmates.
“We try to incorporate experiential learning into our curriculum whenever possible, so we do this kind of stuff with our class a lot,” King said. “So many of these kids really love acting like they are on the news and it’s great to see them enjoying themselves so much.”
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