Dennis Bassett, chair of the board of trustees for Geva Theatre Center; Mark Cuddy, artistic director and co-CEO; and Christopher Mannelli, executive director and co-CEO, announced board transitions that were voted on at the organization’s 2019 general meeting.
The 2019-20 board will be led by Bassett as chair, Kelly Shea as treasurer, Barbara LaVerdi as secretary, and Peggy Boucher, Ted Boucher, Barbara Bruning, Philip Burke and Faheem Masood as vice presidents.
Renewing their three-year terms as trustees are Pamela Hines, Michael Ninnie, Wolfgang Pfizenmaier and Kathleen Whelehan. Elected as new trustees are Margaret Busch, Hope Drummond, Suzanne Gouvernet, Christina Gullo and William Weir.
Outgoing trustees Stephanie Caffera, Sid Sobel and Kim Tenreiro were recognized for donating their time and resources to Geva Theatre Center.
“Keeping a company’s momentum going is a holistic process,” said Cuddy in his annual State of the Art address. “Just focusing on artistic quality or higher fundraising or better facilities doesn’t capture the scope of what it takes, nor the mix of people involved. It’s the synergy of art-business-community that is our motor. We have to be excellent in all these areas for us all to feel it.”