The New York State Bureau of Tobacco Control recently awarded the American Lung Association a grant to continue programming for the Smoking and Health Action Coalition.
The grant permits SHAC to continue fostering environments that support tobacco-free norms in local communities, aid youth prevention and reduce overall tobacco use through strategic youth action and community engagement.
“Monroe County — and many of the towns within it — have been trailblazers when it comes to addressing the health impact of tobacco,” said Annalisa Rogers, SHAC director. “They have led the way in adopting tobacco-free grounds policies, including college campuses, parks and playgrounds, and zoning policies that limit the sale of tobacco near schools where youth are more likely to see and become influenced by tobacco advertising in retail settings.”
Key and strategic goals of the program include community education on the adverse impact of tobacco in combustible and noncombustible forms, including vapor products; the role flavors play in youth initiation, and youth and adult addiction; effective tobacco control strategies at the municipal level that address social justice concerns and promote health equity in vulnerable community populations; and reducing the impact of tobacco marketing on youth, and adults who try to quit.
ALA also received an award for the Tobacco Action Coalition of the Finger Lakes, which operates in Ontario, Seneca, Wayne and Yates counties.