Surprise, surprise … the application from a charter school to move into an empty building in the Wegmans Plaza in Greece was turned down. The K-6 school application came from a school that already has a Charter High School at the former Mother of Sorrows School Building, but the students are from the city.

Our Greece Town Board hit a new low and that is tough for them. People sat amidst a torrent of bullying, lies, gang power mocking and boos of two men that were pro having the school move in. The torrent of mocking kept all that supported the school from speaking out. It was that bad!

The supervisor of Greece dished out a dump truck load of crap mocking and bullying two men, but had not one fact to back up his bullying as he tore apart the two citizens of Greece. These two men had the audacity to try to welcome a charter school to the town of Greece with students from the city of Rochester schools.

Approval or non-approval was in the bag already and the approval process was all an act. The board had no plans at all to OK this application and if the school officials guaranteed that Christ himself would make sure all was well at the school, the board would have turned this application down. The board did everything they could think of to submarine this application, short of saying we just don’t want those city kids in our town. It was easy to gather their meaning.

In my opinion, the tone at the meeting was racially charged. The questions that board members raised proves my point. Asking how many times the police were called to the Charter High School (a very, very low number) and applying those numbers against a K-6 school was appalling. Greece schools have full-time police at the school all day and still have many calls. The Charter High School has a fabulous, gold star reputation. Saying that the school might open a driveway into the adjoining neighborhood or students may cross over themselves, talking about the buses coming at 8:30 and leaving at 3:30 and call this peak ESL hours was total bull.

What was done in my mind was criminal for a town leader to orchestrate. Don’t believe me? Get the tape of the meeting.

This charter school has an exceptional record, much better than any Greece school in the following areas: attendance, graduation rates and test scores. Why wouldn’t we open our hearts to these children? One reason, according to Reilich was “their parents don’t pay taxes in this town,” so we can’t possibly help a neighbor. I wonder what the outcome would have been if the school officials had donated to the political operatives.

Edward Gartz