The 1350 Café in the Perinton Community Center will offer meals for people 55 and
older at noon Mondays through Friday.
The cost is $4.75 for residents and $5.75 for non-residents.
All meals are prepared fresh by Chef Preston Bennett. The menu for next week includes
Aug. 12: Zesty rice and beef with mixed veggies.
Aug. 13: Barbecue chicken, seasoned corn and rice pilaf; Lunch and Learn: Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement.
Aug. 14: Mac and cheese with stewed potatoes; Lunch and Learn: Man’s Most Valued Plants by Jack Kowiak.
Aug. 15: Birthday bash! End of summer cookout!
Aug. 16: Fettuccine supreme.
Registration is required.
Call (585) 223-1617 or visit for details.