Friendly Senior Living has received a $200,000 grant from the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation to support a new staff training and career pathways program.
The training program addresses a need for direct care workers to serve the elderly in the Rochester community.
The Friendly Senior Living initiative includes a six-week certified nursing assistant training program, which is open to community members, as well as current employees who may be serving in other roles in the organization and wish to pursue a new career path. An additional training program, which will commence in the fall of 2019, provides an opportunity for Friendly Senior Living certified nursing assistants to advance to licensed practical nurses and licensed practical nurses to become registered nurses. Both of these career ladder programs offer students meaningful advancement in the senior health care field. To date, 18 CNAs who have successfully completed the six-week program are employed by Friendly Senior Living.
Participants receive a wage replacement stipend during their training to help offset expenses, which often present a barrier to continuing education. These include tuition, books, materials and childcare. Exam fees and certification are also paid for by Friendly Senior Living upon successful completion.
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