I’ve been a resident of Irondequoit for the last 17 years, and over these years, I’ve seen many many things in the Post regarding the financial impact of a number of Irondequoit proposed projects and policies, as put forth by you and your team. While I admire your efforts, which I think is a good thing for our community, I sometimes think that you and your team put too much emphasis on the immediate financial impact, and not enough emphasis on the longer term impact on Irondequoit.
I think communities are a lot like corporations, producing and selling products. If they make products which don’t have the features of competitors, and are not favorably priced, they will only survive for the short haul. I believe this is the same for communities. When people are looking for a community in Rochester, they are going to consider what that community has to offer. For example, I think our library is a good addition to our community, and is certainly competitive to the one in Greece.
If you look at the community and senior center in Greece, our current center is not nearly as inviting to people looking for a new community. And so, I support the efforts of our town leaders and the new owners of the former Irondequoit Plaza, who have offered our town free space, to build this new community center.
Does this mean I support every initiative our town leaders propose? Absolutely not! I just think the library and the new proposed community center are good longer term things for Irondequoit’s future.
Please do view this letter as a complete rejection of all your recommendations! I offer these comments as constructive criticism, and suggest you and your team keep up the good and necessary work.