Caring for a pet when they become geriatric or terminally ill can take an emotional toll on owners. A service in Rochester provides in-home hospice care and euthanasia.
“In many ways, the loss of a pet can be as traumatic as losing a friend or family member to a terminal illness,” said Mandi Beckmann, Rochester veterinarian and Lap of Love provider. “Pet owners face helplessness and anxiety, with one question always at the forefront of their minds: how can I help my pet be more comfortable? At Lap of Love, we provide the answer.”
Providing hospice for pets is an emerging trend service in the veterinary field. Beckmann said offering them these services in the pet’s home can be a kind gift in return for their love and devotion.
“Going back and forth to the veterinarian’s office is often stressful for animals, especially those who are aged and/or sick,” she said. “Lap of Love eliminates this additional stress at a time where each day counts.
“The whole point of what I do is about the comfort of the animal. This is not a depressing line of work. It is actually an honor to help families. To see the love they have for their pet makes this job worthwhile. Our veterinarians treat pets and their owners with dignity, respect and love as they go through this difficult time.
“Educating the owner about their pet’s medical condition, their comfort and what to expect as they progress is such an important aspect. We spend a great amount of time doing this.”
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