This past week, the town board announced that two electric car charging stations will be installed at the Parks and Recreation Building, located at 1350 Chiyoda Drive — off Phillips Road. The town was able to obtain a grant from New York state to offset some of the cost of this project, with the town picking up some of the cost for installation of the conduit.
The town board investigated other towns within the county, like the town of Penfield and the town of Irondequoit, which have already installed these devices. These towns received a positive response from residents regarding the installation.
Now, here in Webster after the announcement was made, I have heard from a few residents that our idea to install charging stations is not a good one. Their reasoning is that the town board is unnecessarily wasting taxpayer dollars on a segment of the population in our community that own these types of cars. While I understand their thinking, I must look back on other projects the
town has done over the years and reminisce that I have heard this same line of thinking before.
When the Recreation Building was built, we received comments such as, “I don’t use that building so why should I pay for that out of my taxes?” When we remodeled the Justice Courts we heard, “I have never gotten a ticket so why should I pay for that out of my taxes?” Or the time we took out the bond to remodel the Webster Public Library we heard, “I never go to the library so why do I have to pay for this in my taxes?” All these comments are valid, and I can see their perspective.
However, my point in recalling all these concerns is that we are a community, and it takes a lot of different ideas and opinions to create the town of Webster and to determine the direction the town will go in to the future. For example, you may not use our Recreation Center for exercise, but you may attend a public meeting or event there. The same goes for these charging stations.
While you may not own an electric car now, if you choose to in the future, the stations will be there for your use.
Our town has many different ideas, languages, races, lifestyles and ages which all make up our Webster community. Not everyone will always agree on every decision the town board makes, but you can always trust that the town board is making decisions for the benefit of all Webster residents, not a certain few.
As always, if you have any questions about your town government, please feel free to contact me during regular business hours at (585) 872-7068; or email me anytime at