Recently, 70 children ages 6-11 years old with chronic asthma attended a summer camp experience they would have otherwise missed.
For 26 years, Camp Broncho Power has combined summer camp activities such as swimming, hiking and games with important workshops and education to help children better control their asthma.
Each year, the three-day, two-night camp is staffed by Rochester Regional Health physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, respiratory therapists, health educators and social workers.
“Children with asthma are often excluded from traditional camp programs because of their condition. We give them the experience every kid deserves while providing knowledge and confidence that stays with them for the rest of the year,” said Gina Lord, a pediatric health educator for Rochester Regional Health. “All campers attend for free, and we’re grateful to our generous supporters for making that possible. If anyone would like to make a donation to the camp, I suggest calling the Rochester Regional Health Foundation at (585) 922-4800.”