The town of Victor is showing foresight. According to the EPA, at least 20% (I have heard quotes of up to 60%) of the waste stream is food waste. That is going to become considerably more costly for all of us as we no longer have relatively cheap ways of discarding our waste.
But Victor, working with a grant from Ontario County, has a pilot program that could be one of the keys to keeping cost to a minimum. It is a simple program of providing 5 gallon buckets to residents to put their scraps in. I keep mine in our garage. It has an odor-proof seal that also happens to be easy to open, even for a senior lady like me who has wimpy wrists. I can fill it with watermelon rinds, chicken bones, meat past its safety date, lobster shells (well, once in a while), pizza and anything else that might be lurking in the fridge or freezer and taking up precious space.
When it is full, I bring it to the recycle center and trade my bucket for a totally clean new one. That can be once every few days or in 2 weeks — there are no set rules about how often. This not only benefits me and my fellow residents by keeping it out of the waste stream, but it helps a few local farms who make good use of it to create that black gold called compost, or to feed livestock or be part of a vermicomposting operation (worms eat the garbage).
Another local business (employing local residents) called Impact Earth takes charge of bringing these buckets to these (local) farms and replacing all the dirty buckets with clean ones. Did I mention these are local businesses, good for our community, our neighbors?
You currently need to have a recycle permit from Victor ($120 per year; $108 for seniors), so if you have a permit please consider being part of this! Or, get a permit. Otherwise, it costs us nothing. It would be a good thing to show our town board that we indeed want to be part of this, and then get a permanent program (a dream would be pick-up service like some towns have) available to all our residents, hopefully as a service that our taxes already pay for.
Thank you to the Victor Town Board for having such foresight.
Barbara Starr