Camp Onseyawa is a program for children with special needs living in Ontario, Seneca, Yates and Wayne counties. The two-week camp operates each August at Camp Babcock-Hovey, owned by the Boy Scouts on Seneca Lake in the town of Ovid.
According to its mission statement, the camp seeks to “provide a camping experience for 8- to 16-year-old children with disabilities from the four-county area,” and to “foster independence and acceptance of others through social, recreational and educational aspects of life.”
The camp is operated by 23 Rotary clubs. It provides 100 campers with a summer camp experience, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors setting and participate in social interaction with other campers and camp staff.
There is no cost for the camper or their family. Rotarians cover the cost of the camping experience.
The Victor-Farmington Rotary Club has supported the camp for over four decades by providing financial support, volunteering to set up and donating prizes for the annual carnival that takes place during the second week of camp.
This year, Bonnie and Ross Cottone, Nancy Zavaglia, Galen Powers, and Dave Luitweiler helped with the carnival and shucked bags of corn for an evening barbecue. The club provided over 100 prizes for the Victor-Farmington Rotary sponge toss booth. Ross Cottone was a volunteer target for campers, as were various camp counselors.
Victor Insulators Inc. donated 324 pounds of clay for camp activities.