The pair had been arrested in Henrietta in connection with an Arizona homicide

BLANDING, UTAH — Two suspects wanted for a homicide in Arizona who were arrested in Henrietta have escaped custody in Utah.

Blane and Susan Barksdale had been arrested on May 24 in an RV in Henrietta. Both had been wanted by the Tucson Police Department for charges including first-degree murder, burglary, and arson.

According to Tucson PD's Facebook page, the 56-year-old Blane and 59-year-old Susan were being transported on Monday evening when they overpowered two security officers in Blanding, Utah and escaped.

Tucson Police have confirmed to News 10NBC that the escape happened around 7 p.m. local time (9 p.m. Eastern), and that they were being extradited by a private firm hired by the Pima County District Attorney's Office.

The two were last seen driving away in a red GMC Sierra pickup truck with an Arizona license plate of 127XTY and damage to the front passenger side and rear bumper. They are considered armed and dangerous and are not to be approached.

Tucson Police say that Blane has numerous tattoos on his arms and hands. While their direction of travel is unknown, investigators believe they may be traveling through Arizona.

The FBI, US Marshals, and the Apache County Sheriff's Office are assisting in the investigation.

At the time of their arrest in Henrietta, police said that the two were believed to have killed 72-year-old Frank Bligh. Bligh's home was destroyed on April 16 by a fire and explosion, and Bligh himself had not been seen since April 7. One of Blane's nephews, Brent Mallard, was arrested on April 24 on charges including arson. He is behind bars in Arizona.