During the 2016 campaign, candidate Donald Trump told a prospective big donor, a very deep pocket who expressed his concerns about some of the wild stuff Trump was spewing, that “I only say that stuff to energize the ‘rubes.’” But that was then and Wednesday, August 21 is now, so to speak. We should all fear that what began as a clever strategy to play on the darker inclinations of what became his base, Trump himself now genuinely believes. If that is the case, then his crazy verbal barrage that day demonstrates beyond any doubt that the President of the United States is seriously mentally compromised and needs to be removed from office as soon as possible.

Here is a selection of his most disturbing one-day, unhinged, insane outbursts:

• “I am the chosen one” (while looking to the heavens).

• He retweeted and bought into what a fringe conspiracy theorist said about him being the “King of Israel” and the “Second Coming of God.”

• He doubled down on his anti-Semitic denunciation of the previous day calling into question the intelligence and loyalty of America’s Jewish community. Jews have heard such anti-Semitic character assassination before (see, e.g., Nazi Germany).

• His deep insecurities prompted him to obsess more than 20 separate times about his predecessor’s presumed failings in contrast to his fictional successes.

• He once again pulled out his customary “nasty” adjective to describe a woman, this time the Danish prime minister, for calling his attempt to buy Greenland, perhaps the grandest to date of his delusions of grandeur, “absurd.”

• He capped his day by telling a group of veterans that he, Donald Trump, noted draft-dodger who claimed that his exposure to sexually-transmitted diseases was “my Vietnam,” merited the Medal of Honor.

Space limits me to a recitation of only the most deranged of his rambling remarks and tweets that day.

The U.S. can no longer afford to wait until November 2020 to divest itself of a mentally unbalanced President who has so clearly gone off the rails. Something needs to be done … and immediately. Since we cannot rely on a couple of orderlies in white scrubs to carry him out of the White House and deposit him in an institution where he can get help, we have to find other means of coping.

When President Woodrow Wilson suffered a massive stroke in the last year of his presidency, his wife, Edith, along with Dr. Cary Grayson, the White House physician, acted in Wilson’s stead until he left office. Wilson was physically and mentally compromised, unable to function. It is hard to imagine Melania playing a comparable role. Better to leave her worrying about her pre-nup while wallowing in her “Be Best” bubble grousing about Internet bullies (with one exception).

We can forget about the impeachment option because the soulless, barely-sentient Senate Republicans go into cardiac arrest at the thought of crossing Trump.

Instead, the only relief we could possibly muster is an invocation of the 25th Amendment by Trump’s Vice President and cabinet, which allows for the removal of a mentally incompetent President. Unfortunately, this particular cabinet of inept, corrupt toadies will never put the good of the country above the good of Trump.

Less than a month into his presidency, more than 58,000 mental health professionals had already concluded that Donald Trump was mentally unfit for office. If anything, that number has likely grown.

Without a removal effort, we must endure his madness for at least 17 more months, during which we will be exposed to risks heretofore unthinkable for this country. All we can do is cling to the hope that this man who has so obviously lost all focus will not do any additional permanent damage.

In any event, when he does leave office, it will take a legion of forensic experts to identify all the destructive detritus he will have left in his wake.

Until then, we need to be afraid. VERY afraid.

Canandaigua Academy graduate Richard Hermann is a law professor, legal blogger, author of seven books and part-time resident of the Finger Lakes.