ROCHESTER — Nicholas Pheilshifter, the youngest of the four suspects who pleaded guilty for plotting to attack the Muslim community of Islamberg, has been sentenced to seven years in prison and five years of post-release supervision.

Pheilshifter was 16 at the time of his crime, and pleaded guilty in July to criminal possession of a weapon in a terroristic crime. Three other suspects also gave guilty pleas, including Brian Colaneri and Andrew Crysel.

Colaneri and Crysel were sentenced earlier this month. The third suspect, Vincent Vetromile, will be sentenced later this week for his role in the plot against the Binghamton-area community.

Investigators say they found three explosive devices and multiple guns in searches at the teenagers' homes.

Investigators say the four planned the attack on Muslims in the community of Islamberg near Binghamton. FBI agents say at least one of the bombs found was functional.