Hilton Central School District presented the 2019 School-Related Professional of the Year Award to Merton Williams Middle School nurse Nancy Schoenweitz during staff convocation at Hilton High School.
Schoenweitz has been employed in the district for 18 years. She is described as someone who always works to meet the needs of students, parents and co-workers; has a great rapport with students; and uses humor to lighten difficult situations.
“It is all in the attitude,” Schoenweitz said. “A positive attitude goes a long way and is contagious. After all, there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. You just have to look for it sometimes.”
The other SRP of the Year finalists are Lynda Donovan, teaching assistant at HHS; Elaine Iabone, teaching assistant at Northwood Elementary School; Connie Romano, teacher aide at Village Elementary School; and Cindy Ward, teaching assistant at Quest Elementary School.
This award honors the skills and initiative shown by Hilton staff members. Nominees are dues-paying members of the Hilton Central School Employee Association for at least five years before their nomination. Applicants are judged on performance of duties, handling of an unusual assignment and how they embody the image of the school-related professional.