The Other Half Brewing is helping out with the East Bloomfield Historical Society's Chicken & Beer Dinner fundraiser

EAST BLOOMFIELD — You could say this about many beers, but this really is a beer that people are just dying to drink, or at least that’s what the folks at the East Bloomfield Historical Society hope.

The organization’s fundraising Chicken & Beer Dinner will feature the Burying Ground, a pilsner made by the Other Half Brewing Co.

The brewery, which opened earlier this year on Routes 5 and 20 at the former Nedloh Brewing, also will host the fundraiser, which is scheduled from noon to whenever the food runs out Saturday, Sept. 21.

And they hope to make a killing from sales of the beer, as all of the proceeds from sales of the Burying Ground will go to the local history organization.

The Other Half has been more than welcoming about the event, according to Peg Goschenaur, who is heading up the event for the Historical Society.

“They pretty much gave us the green light to go ahead and do whatever we needed to do,” Goschenaur said. “I can’t tell you how supportive they’ve been to the Historical Society.”

Coming up with a name for the beer isn’t really that much of an undertaking.

Here’s why.

“We have decided to call it ‘Burying Ground’ after our newly acquired original burying ground in town,” said committee member Dawn Wayne.

Earlier this year, Jim Johnson, owner of the Johnson-Kennedy Funeral Home, donated to the Historical Society a portion of his property, which was the town’s Old Burying Ground where the town’s earliest settlers were laid to rest.

The early graveyard was reaching capacity, and a new cemetery was needed when the East Bloomfield Academy, which is where the Historical Society’s museum is located, was built in 1838. That led to the relocation of headstones from the old burying ground, although perhaps not the remains of the deceased, as freelance writer Laurel Wemett explained in a Daily Messenger story in April.

So, plans include raising money to clear the land, fence it in, create a walkway and erect a memorial.

The goal is to restore it as the church wanted it restored in 1838, said Town Historian Judi Stewart.

“We’re just beginning that,” Stewart said.

The Burying Ground — the beer, that is — is only a temporary name. On the day of the fundraiser, it will serve as a nickname for Other Half’s Cricket, which is a lighter, 5.1% pilsner beer.

“It’s very generous of them to do this,” Stewart said.

All of this talk about beer and local history may make one hungry. If you love barbecue chicken, the following will make you even hungrier.

Joel Steele, a past president of the Historical Society and business owner, will be supplying and cooking about 250 half chickens, as well as bringing the cole slaw to go with them.

Steele has been doing chicken barbecues for the Historical Society for years, and here’s a hint about the barbecue sauce he uses: Do you know about the Cornell recipe?

Basically, it’s considered the sauce of all sauces for upstate fire department and community barbecues for years. For more, check out this fascinating Gastro Obscura article about Cornell University Professor Robert C. Baker, who “changed summer in upstate New York forever,” at

“We have our own recipe, which is a variation of the Cornell recipe,” Steele said. “We modified it and improved on it.”

What’s a late summer or fall chicken dinner without roasted sweet corn and salt potatoes, courtesy of White’s Farm Market?

Also, Clawson’s Deli & Pizza in Fairport is supplying hamburgers, hot dogs and the stuff that goes with them, in case chicken isn’t doing it for you next Saturday.

And for dessert, Wayne, of Holloway House fame, is providing homemade chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. Brownies are also on the menu.

Noting the East Bloomfield’s rich history of hops, this is a neat collaboration of the town’s agricultural past and a business that relies on local agriculture for its present and future, according to Leif HerrGesell, executive director of the Historical Society.

So, a toast to local history.

“It’s a great opportunity for those of us who are guardians of the past to partner with the future of Bloomfield, a young vibrant business,” HerrGesell said. “The past and future are coming together again.”

Bonus treat: The Antique Wireless Association in Bloomfield will be part of the East Bloomfield Historical Society's Chicken & Beer Dinner on Sept. 21 at the Other Half Brewing Co. Bob Hobday, who is with the AWA, not only is setting up a booth to boost exposure of the museum, but he's bringing a spark transmitter to also fire up interest.

Drinking in the fall

The Downtown Canandaigua Beer Walk, which takes place from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, will offer a taste of what many local craft breweries have to offer while providing a flair of the fall season.

Fall stouts and signature brews of 11 breweries and a cidery await attendees of this event, which is sponsored by the Downtown Canandaigua Merchants Association.

Here’s what’s on tap: Peacemaker Brewing Co. will be offering samples of Wake Up Call Coffee Stout, Reckless Troubadour Imperial Stout, Hide Away From The Sun All Day Pink Guava/Mango Milkshake IPA, Nada New England IPA, and Puerto Penasco Pineapple Wheat.

And that’s just from one brewery!

Manchester’s ReInvention Brewing Co. will offer samples of its Lehigh Valley Porter and #Octothorpe Oktoberfest.

Naked Dove Brewing Co., Young Lion Brewing, Other Half Brewing Co., WeBe Brewing Co., Irish Mafia Brewing Co., Brindle Haus Brewing Co., Lake Drum Brewing, K2 Brothers Brewing and Star Cider also will be offering samples.

Here’s how it works.

Visitors who are 21 or older buy a glass for $20 in front of 120 S. Main St.

The breweries will be set up at various merchant locations throughout downtown.