Sanatela AT Medical Solutions Inc., an ATVentureCenter firm co-founded by Michael Crowley and Erin Crowley Ellis, announced the development and production of the Sanatela TM Matrix — a new tool for precision cancer drug screening that will provide new techniques for
high-throughput drug screening.
The tool is a biomaterial tissue that can improve the screening and
testing of new and existing treatments against deadly cancer stem cells in vitro while providing
high-throughput drug screening companies and research facilities with a new tool to directly target cancer and other stem cells.
Sanatela’s bioengineering process produces a 3D structure with all the components needed for expanding and maintaining stem cells, making it the ideal natural environment for screening chemotherapy drugs.
The Matrix also has promising translational research applications including promoting burn, wound, bone and hair regeneration and repair.
Before the company makes matrix sheets and test kits generally commercially available later this year, Sanatela intends to make its matrix sheets and test kits available on a pre-order only basis to select research hospitals, cancer and stem cell centers and high-throughput drug testing firms seeking to perform research studies on this new and highly innovative technology. Email for more information.