Geva Theatre Center, 75 Woodbury Blvd., will hold the Festival of New Theatre on Oct. 8-20 in the Fielding Stage.
FONT 2019 is a mix of new works by playwrights from across the country. The plays are presented concert-style, with actors at music stands and facing the audience.
This year’s lineup is “Solitude” by Carolyn Kourofsky on Oct. 8, the Rochester Bake-Off on Oct. 11 and Young Writers Showcase on Oct. 12-13, “The Sea and the Stars” Harrison David Rivers on Oct. 16, “Lulu in Rochester” by Allison Gregory on Oct. 18, and “Africantic” on Oct. 20.
Admission is free; reservations are required. Call (585) 232-4382 or visit for information.