Greenlight Networks and the town of Greece announced that nearly 2,900 residents now have access to high-speed internet service. Greenlight finished construction, and is installing service in the Janes/Kirk (phase I), Dorsey and Hampton/Latta districts.
Greenlight also announced construction to expand the fiber-optic network to 3,400 additional households in parts of Greece. Construction is underway in the Janes/Kirk (phase II) and Stone Ridge districts, and the company plans to start construction in Ridgemont East and Barnard North in the coming months.
“I am excited to join Greenlight Networks in announcing that services are accessible to 2,900 households in the town of Greece,” Town Supervisor Bill Reilich said. “We are excited for our neighbors who are in the installation phases and for the 3,400 additional households where construction will soon begin.
“If you live in an area that has not yet received Greenlight service, be sure to register and tell your neighbors to register at Greenlight bases its next service location on the area with the highest indicated interest.”
Jason Klotz lives in the Hampton/Latta Greenlight District.
“We had tried all the available internet service providers in the area,” he said. “Service was always spotty and speeds were a fraction of the ‘up to’ speeds promised. This hampered my family’s ability to access entertainment and learning services, since we live in a digital age where everything requires the internet. Since being installed with Greenlight, we have been receiving speeds of 500 Mbps. No more lag, delays or access issues, and we stream 100% of our entertainment.”
“The Klotz family of Greece is part of a growing trend as millions of cable and satellite subscribers have ‘cut the cord’ and switched to video streaming,” said Mark Murphy, president and CEO of Greenlight. “We’ve devoted a new section of our website to cord-cutting information and resources. This trend is clearly contributing to the demand we are seeing for our fiber internet service.”
Building Greenlight’s fiber network involves design, planning and construction work to lay hundreds of miles of fiber-optic cable, which supports higher data transmission speeds than traditional networks. Greenlight worked with several departments within the town of Greece during the construction process to facilitate its fiber network expansion.
“We’ve made important improvements and progress in our ability to build our fiber-optic network underground, which we are doing in parts of Greece,” Murphy said. “We’ve brought in more contractors, and implemented new and more efficient methods to get to additional neighborhoods more quickly.”
Monroe County residents can visit to view their Greenlight District and status.