It's reached a point where this actually needs to be pointed out: People who say they are nationalists are OK with foreign powers interfering in our elections.

People who say "America first" are OK with Ukranian presidents and Saudi princes bribing our president to make foreign policy decisions.

The decisions a president makes determine where American soldiers fight and whether they die. Yet people who say "America first' are apparently OK with those decisions being made on the basis of which foreign despots are willing to dig up dirt on our president's political rivals.

People who say they are nationalists — put America first! — are OK with an American president siding with foreign powers over American citizens, and even calling foreign powers in to attack them. This happened with Joe Biden, sure, who the president asked several foreign powers to dig up dirt on, but it also happened when Turkey's president visited America and had his bodyguards attack — physically attack — American protestors, and the White House said nothing, because Turkey's president is important while American citizens are just Americans.

Is that what "America first" is supposed to look like?

Here's another one: people who say the problem with Democrats is that they're socialists, are OK with America's president asking communist China — an actual communist dictatorship — to interfere in our election.

Does that seem weird to you? Because that seems weird to me.

He even congratulated the Chinese Communist Party on its 70th anniversary in power. Our president congratulated real communists, who do real communist oppression, on lasting this long. Then asked them to dig up dirt on an American citizen who is running against him.

I'm confused by people who are anti-communist, but say that's OK.

Likewise, conservatives who demand religious freedom are also OK with communist China — which actively persecutes Christians — being asked to interfere in our elections.

I thought persecuting Christians was a bad thing done by bad people, but I guess we don't really care if Donald Trump needs a favor.

Staunch anti-abortion voters are OK with communist China — which performs forced abortions on women it thinks might have too many kids — getting some say in our elections.

Isn't that odd? How many people who say abortion is murder are OK with a country that forces women to have abortions being congratulated by our president on its longevity, and being asked to influence American elections? I mean, it's hard to know for sure, but the estimates I've seen (such as by China daily, as of 2018) suggest that over 9 million abortions are preformed in China every year (not counting "abortion pills" sold).

There are significantly less than a million performed annually in the U.S. China is one of the world's largest — if not the largest — providers of abortions. Some of which are forced on women who want to keep their children.

But the pro-life movement is OK with China being involved in our politics? I guess? They think it's OK to kill the unborn as long as you're doing favors for Mr. Trump? They don't think the world's largest forced abortion provider having more influence in our government is worth getting mad about?

Then there's border security. I mean, we don't let people who aren't citizens vote, so what good is a big, beautiful wall if the president lets foreign powers decide America policy and influence American elections?

It just makes sense that only Americans should get to influence American foreign policy and American elections, right? A nationalist would think that, right?

Isn't that what "America first" means? Isn't a president of the U.S. who sides with foreign countries against America and Americans (whatever their politics) doing something wrong? Very wrong?

Or does "making America great again" mean giving our authority up to foreign powers?

It turns out that, yes, in fact, the serial liar and hypocrite who ran on a platform of putting America first was, indeed, lying this whole time. The Iraqi Kurds he has just betrayed put America first far more than he ever has. But then, everybody knew Donald Trump was a con man.

The question he now forces us to ask is, does anybody believe in putting America first? Or was everyone just pretending to want to do that?

Well, not everyone. Not John McCain, and the gold star families, and the other people who sacrificed something for this country, only to have President Trump mock them as chumps and suckers.

They obviously put America first. Trump clearly doesn't.

I'm not sure about the rest of us.

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