Neighbors of the of the new park are concerned about noise and lack of landscaping.

CANANDAIGUA — City officials said the Canandaigua Canine Campus is being used more than first expected, which they said is a good thing.

But along with more dogs comes more barking, which neighbors are concerned about as they are with the noise of their owners shouting to calm their pets.

Neighbors approached Councilmember Renée Sutton, who lives in the area, with their concerns, which were aired during City Council’s environmental/parks committee meeting last Tuesday.

“I feel neighbors have a right to a peaceful home,” Sutton said.

Several neighbors, many on Perry Place and Academy Place, also expressed concerns about the lack of landscaping at the Buffalo Street park, which opened last fall but really began picking up steam this spring.

One of the problems is that donated trees don’t work well with the type of soil at the park, City Manager John Goodwin said.

The wet spring made planting difficult, and so the plan is to begin $5,000 worth of plantings before Thanksgiving, Goodwin said.

The plantings will be done along the driveway off Buffalo Street as well as along fence lines and within the park.

A shade structure also is planned in the future.

The dog park has about 250 members, which is more than anticipated, Goodwin said.

“That’s great,” Goodwin said. “We build these parks facilities to be used.”

The park, which is split into areas for large and small dogs, is meant to be a safe and healthy off-leash place for dogs to play and socialize. Membership fees are between $25 and $40 annually and run from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

Sutton said with more and more use, the city will have to figure out a way to contain the sound.

“The problem will grow because it’s a great park,” Sutton said.

Councilmember Stephen Uebbing agrees with Sutton and said that an action step is necessary for the sake of the neighbors.

“We ought to figure out a way to decrease the impact on their lifestyle,” Uebbing said. “We can’t not deal with that.”