Clear Choice Hearing and Balance recently opened a pediatric audiology office suite next to its pre-existing Greece location at 103 Canal Landing Blvd to help children, especially those with special needs, be tested and diagnosed for hearing issues.
“Working with children with special needs requires a unique approach that’s truly needed in our community,” said founder and owner Christine Tirk, of Spencerport. “I became very interested in providing the appropriate facilities and environment after hearing about the struggles faced by an employee of mine. He was frustrated by unsuccessful attempts to get his children tested for auditory processing disorder.”
APD in children can cause speech and language delays, impede learning, and disrupt interaction with others. It often can be a symptom in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, ADHD/ADD and Down syndrome. In addition, the sensitivity to stimulation that accompanies these diagnoses can make testing difficult in a traditional, often-crowded clinical setting.
“We’re having success diagnosing children who have never even been able to get through the testing process previously,” she said.
Tirk wanted to create a comfortable, nurturing atmosphere. Rochester illustrator Chris Lyons created a 20-by-6-foot “I Spy”-type mural accompanied by rhyming clue sheets. The waiting room includes games, toys and activities for patients ages 18 and younger.
A wheelchair-accessible auditory booth has room for a child, parent and audiologist, while pediatric audiologist Kyrsten Stephany works one-on-one with families.
“Our whole staff is proud of the unique and safe place we’ve created here,” Tirk said. “We look forward to helping area families get the services they need to care for their children.”
In addition to Greece, Clear Choice has an office in Brighton at 1065 Senator Keating Blvd.