Here's the last weekend in October:



Hi: 52° | Lo: 40°

Precipitation: 40% | Wind: NE at 4mph

Today: Mainly gray with light showers, especially south. Winds variable 5-10 mph Tonight: Some clearing overnight. Winds light and variable.

Mostly cloudy


Hi: 54° | Lo: 39°

Precipitation: 15% | Wind: SSE at 7mph

Mostly cloudy and pleasant. Any rain should hold off until late/overnight. Turns breezy late. Wind SE/S 5-15 mph

Mainly cloudy and rainy


Hi: 65° | Lo: 49°

Precipitation: 75% | Wind: SSW at 17mph

Rain around, especially through the morning. Rain tapers during the afternoon. Wind SW/W 10-20 mph