I am happy to announce the Monroe County Legislature’s approval for several Community Development Block Grants, which allows our community to receive various allocations from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Each year CDBG funding helps communities fund local projects to improve their towns and villages.
In June, I voted to approve $87,378 for the replacement of the East Main Street sidewalks in the village of Webster. This project has been long anticipated by members of our community and we are excited to move forward. This grant allows the village of Webster to continue improving and developing a more accessible village that the community can enjoy. By adding additional sidewalks and improving our current sidewalks on East Main Street,
pedestrians will have access to areas in the village, including numerous local businesses!
Improving the condition of these sidewalks will help to support the economy of the village of Webster.
As your legislative representative for the village and town of Webster, I believe improving our infrastructure will not only drive more jobs and businesses to our community but also improve the quality of living for our residents. This project began in early August and will be completed shortly. Anyone with questions can contact me at 753-1922 or by email at, monroe8@monroecounty.gov.