Town Supervisor Bill Smith announced the Pittsford Town Board will adopt a proclamation declaring the town of Pittsford an Autism Friendly Community and announcing its partnership with the Autism Council of Rochester.
The designation is established for municipalities that are willing to increase awareness and support for children, young adults and families in the community living with autism spectrum disorder. At present, there are more than 3.5 million Americans living with autism.
In adopting this proclamation, the town of Pittsford is affirming its commitment to working with the Autism Council of Rochester to educate and train town staff to better serve those
constituents living with ASD.
The town of Pittsford will continue to work with the Autism Council while supporting the 8 Pillars of Performance for Autism Friendly Communities. These include training resources; community
partnerships; safety, health and accessibility; caring and connection; commitment and change; inclusion opportunity; program choices; and communication.