Fishers Fire District recently received $64,667.66 Assistance to Firefighters Grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
The grant will upgrade the current Plymovent Pneumatic Grabber vehicle exhaust removal system to a magnetic grabber system. Components of the current system reached their end-of-life and many of the vehicles were not on the system due to departmental growth.
With the money allotted from the FEMA grant, the system will allow for 100% source capture of exhaust fumes from all district-operated vehicles. Vehicle exhaust emissions in a fire station are a cancer risk to firefighters and community members that come to the station. It is essential to remove emissions from the air in fire stations to create healthy and safe working and living conditions.
“By getting federal funding assistance for this purchase, we are taking additional steps to do our best to prevent cancer in our firefighters and visitors,” Chief Daniel Chapman said. “With the money that was freed up in our budget, we were able to purchase decontamination kits and cancer prevention hoods for our firefighters. Without this assistance, we would have had to wait at least another year to complete these improvements.”