Elizabeth Thorley, CEO and president of Thorley Wealth Management in Pittsford, recently attended a national educational conference for independent financial advisers.
Hosted by Commonwealth Financial Network, the nation’s largest privately held registered investment adviser — independent broker/dealer, the event drew nearly 2,000 affiliated advisers, staff, guests and sponsors from across the nation.
Recognizing the firm’s 40-year anniversary, the conference celebrated “where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.” Special TED presenters, together with members of the Commonwealth’s leadership team, shared insights on themes most relevant to advisers.
Trap Kloman, president and chief operating officer, discussed how Commonwealth is addressing rapid change across the industry and how its mode — built on indispensable service, quality and community — is designed to elevate advisers’ success in this environment. With Commonwealth’s spinoff of Advisor360, the firm is able to double its technology spend to strengthen the platform and accelerate new features, including broadening the digital experience for advisers and their clients.
In a subsequent general session, Brad McMillan, managing principal, chief investment officer, provided perspective on the markets and economy.
Prominent TED presenters offered topical remarks specifically to the adviser audience. Elizabeth Dunn, professor and coauthor of “Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending,” addressed giving to others; Juan Enriquez, life sciences entrepreneur and author, spoke on “The Future of Man” and the effect that bioscience is having on how we live, work and do business; Beau Lotto, founder and CEO of Acoustigram, director of the “Lab of Misfits,” professor and author, presented on the “Power of Awe,” applying neuroscience research to a presentation; and Baratunde Thurston, comedian, writer and cultural critic, presented “Opening Your Eyes.”
Thorley attended various educational sessions, panel discussions and networking events on topics ranging from millennial clients and ESG investing, scaling portfolio management, and cybersecurity and privacy, to leadership and building an inclusive organization, going fee only, and developing the next generation of advisers.