CANANDAIGUA — Two people were charged with animal cruelty after a dog died after being crushed underneath a pile of furniture overturned when the two people fought.

Responding to the report of a physical altercation at a Niagara Street home Nov. 14, Canandaigua Police found that Frederick Moskala, 60, and Maryann Grant, 59, had been fighting and some furniture was overturned during their conflict — and a Miniature Doberman Pinscher was found dead, trapped under the furniture.

The Ontario County Humane Society was called to the scene and took possession of the dog's body. A medical exam determined the dog died of internal injuries after being crushed by the furniture.

The society also took possession of a second dog living at the residence as a safety precaution. 

Moskala and Grant were charged with animal cruelty under the Agriculture and Markets Law and are to appear in court at a later date.