Reliant Community Credit Union is underwriting Victor Central School District’s participation in the Budget Challenge for the 2019-20 school year.
The Budget Challenge is a course of study designed to educate users about personal financial matters through a simulation of realistic money management and budgeting.
“The Budget Challenge is a ‘road test’ for personal finance,” according to business teachers Mike Cutaia, Adriana Kulakowski and Sue Utz. “It simulates the financial life of an adult and enables our students to practice financial skills that adults struggle with.
“We are delighted to partner with Reliant Community Credit Union to offer this authentic learning opportunity to our career and financial management students. Our goal is to lay a strong money management foundation early on with the hope that we will save our students from financial challenges later in life.”
Reliant will sponsor 200 licenses for Victor students in business classes in grades 9-12.
“Educating young adults about the importance of financial knowledge in their everyday lives is incredibly important to the credit union,” said Cynthia Hamann, vice president of brand awareness. “We’re excited to see what the students learn from this hands-on experience.”