According to gallery director Tim Massey, the fall “BFA Thesis Exhibition” at the Tower Fine Arts Center Gallery, 180 Holley St., Brockport, “celebrates the accomplishments of our graduating BFA students.”
The exhibit is on display until Dec. 8. Admission is free; the gallery will be closed on Nov. 27-Dec. 1 for Thanksgiving.
Among the artists are photographer Michael Latragna, whose thesis is titled “Memoria.”
As a companion to the BFA show, the gallery is presenting “The State Of,” a printmaking portfolio. This international invitational was organized by the CTRL Art Studios in Wroclaw, Poland. Kitty Hubbard, an associate professor in the College at Brockport Department of Art, was invited to participate.
One of the works featured in the show is “No Nature” by Magdalena Hlawacz.
“We start art school [by creating] still life [images],” Hlawacz said. “This particular still here captures an invisible man inside a natural fur. Is this still life? There is a natural fur, but nothing is stuffed in there. It fails to take the responsibility, it just shapes things, inflates them and uses the ‘natural’ as a cover for what’s already done and buried.
“We live in eco-bio-vegan cultures. They are bubbles. The natural world is already gone. We reached the state of such a saturation of the prosperity and development that not only are we disconnected from nature, there is no nature.
“But there is still life. Or hope. Behind the urban farming cultures, vertical gardens, vegan diets and eco living, there is the human ability to look at reality in the eyes and admit that we have gone too far. The faceless man dressed up as a teddy bear mascot looks at us caught red-handed. Ready to make up of all the wrongdoing. Perhaps it takes the culture to save the nature.”